Easily accessible waste services are essential for keeping the environment healthy and looking at its best. This is especially true for residential areas. Enrolling in waste services not only keeps homes clean but also ensures trash stays off of sidewalks and driveways. At C & H Disposal Service, Inc., we have trusted waste management professionals here to help residents receive the right waste solutions for their homes. Serving those across South New Jersey, C & H Disposal Service, Inc. can help. Learn more about the residential waste services we offer.

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Residential Waste Services Offered for Residential Communities

C & H Disposal Service, Inc. provides a variety of residential waste services for communities in NJ, including:

Septic Services

Septic systems are residential waste systems made up of two parts – the septic tank and drainfield. The septic tank is responsible for collecting solid waste in wastewater to keep the environment clean, while the drainfield holds the liquid waste that travels out of septic tanks. Newer septic tanks should be cleaned every five years. However, older septic tanks can be cleaned more often, like every one to three years.

We specialize in the maintenance repair, installation, and replacement of septic systems. Besides cleaning seepage pits and grease traps, we also clear out sludge buildup from septic tanks and inspect for missing or broken baffles, clogged pipes, damaged lines, and deteriorating tanks.

Portable Toilets

Portable restrooms are important to have for some occasions, such as BBQs, summer weddings, and other events held outdoors. Renting a portable toilet for your next gathering can provide guests with an easy way of using the restroom. It also ensures guests have multiple options for going to the bathroom.

We offer a variety of portable toilet options for residents in South NJ, including:

  • Standard: This is a standard portable toilet that includes hand sanitizer and toilet paper
  • Handicap: This is a larger portable toilet designed to be handicap-accessible. It provides more space for comfortable use and also includes hand sanitizer and toilet paper.
  • Sink and flush: These types of portable toilets come with flushing capabilities and a working sink that attaches to a freshwater reservoir

In addition to portable toilets, we provide wash stations with options for a double sink. If a resident keeps their portable toilet for a long period, we can even complete regular cleanings and maintenance to make sure it’s sanitary and working up to capacity. Prices can vary for portable toilet rentals. To get exactly what you need, talk with a professional and they can help you determine the right portable toilet that fits your event and budget.

Roll-Off Waste Containers

Containers are great for residents looking to get rid of an abundance of trash in their homes. This can be ideal if you’re moving, remodeling, renovating, or simply doing a deep cleaning of your home. Containers are larger, dumpster-like boxes designed to hold large amounts of trash and residential waste. We offer a variety of different sizes, including:

  • 12 cu. yd.
  • 20 cu. yd.
  • 30 cu. yd.
  • 40 cu. yd.

Rental is scheduled for up to 10 days, but this can be extended for an added fee. We ensure containers are dropped off and picked up promptly.

Front Loaders

Similar to containers, front loaders are bigger dumpsters used to pick up large amounts of trash. However, front loaders differ from containers because they’re smaller and also come with a trash pickup service. Front loaders are a great option for those who regularly get rid of large quantities of trash, making them ideal for buildings like apartment complexes.

Our residential waste service near South NJ takes care of regular trash pickup Monday through Friday. Residents can decide if they want their trash picked up anywhere from weekly to monthly. We provide many different front loader sizes, such as:

  • 2 cu. yd.
  • 4 cu. yd.
  • 6 cu. yd.
  • 8 cu. yd.

Learn More About Our Trash and Waste Disposal Services

C & H Disposal Service, Inc. is here for those located in South NJ, including Atlantic, Camden, Cape May, Cumberland, Gloucester, and Salem counties. Dedicated to serving our community with efficient means for trash and waste disposal, residents can rely on us. To learn more about our residential waste service, contact us today.


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